In a piece of art, one aims for the “Gestalt”, or something with flow and balance.  It takes a lot of staging and composing to get to that end though.  You really have to look at you’re working with and how to get potential to create something new and fresh.  Something with legacy!   A lot of this was brought fourth in my life with the help of my family.  Whether they knew it or not!

My dad’s 70th Birthday Party!! He survived a stroke and I love him!
I’m the tall one in the back, literally the blackest sheep of the family.

My imagination knew no bounds, as a kid.  With it’s natural wildness, was paired the frame of tradition and patience.  Namely, my family!  My Dad was constantly trying to ingrain patience.  As a kid, I wanted things to be automatic as that age lends to.  We were at odds over that a lot but there was nothing but love at the end of the day. 

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