Caricatures & Cartoons:

The Fab 5 of Oz, Prismacolor Marker, Color Pencil
Sabrina & Salem:
Graphite Sketch
Madame Satan:
Graphite Sketch
Alice in Winter:
Graphite Sketch
Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud from “Aladdin” – Chartpak Marker, Prismacolor Artstix, Sharpie Marker; 2019

Anatomical Sketches:

Pensive Heat:
Graphite Sketch; Mechanical Pencil
Back Study:
Ink Sketch; Bic Pen
Beach Time:
Graphite Sketch;
Mechanical Pencil
RIP Billy Herrington:
Graphite Sketch;
Mechanical Pencil
Drawnn the Defender:
Graphite Sketch;
Mechanical Pencil

Graphic Design:

Hello Dance:
Harvey One Hitter:

Traditional Illustration:

Superman, Power of the Sun:
Sharpie Marker

The Witch & The Wizard; Chartpak Marker, Mechanical Pencil
Return to Oz:
Chartpak Marker
Superboy and Lana:
Chartpak Marker, Prismacolor Marker
Dragonball Z – Kid Buu Tattoo Design : Chartpak Marker, Prismacolor Artstix , 2019
Whoopi Goldberg as “Guinan” from “Star Trek: TNG” – Mechanical Pencil, 2019
Lisa Welchel as “Blair Warner” from “the Facts of Life” – Mechanical Pencil, Prismacolor Artstix, Chartpak Marker, 2019
Lola & Babs Bunny – Chartpak Marker, Prismacolor Artstix, 2019
Harley Quinn – Chartpak Marker, Prismacolor Artstix, 2019
X-men Origins – Chartpak Marker, Prismacolor Artstix, 2019

Digital Illustration

What a Real Princess Looks Like : Photoshop, 2019
Forest Creature : Photoshop 2019
Shadow Soldier : Photoshop 2019

Traditional Painting:

Batman: I Am The Night : Acrylic on Canvas , 34in.x26in. , 2019