This video illustrates how I normally approach a drawing. I start with the basic shapes like circles, cylinders, and squares . This forms a sort of wire-frame for my art to go on top of. I do this in pencil so that I may brainstorm without any sort of boundary to my creativity.

In this case, I inked the characters in black while the background was inked in color. I liked how Hanna- Barbera was doing this in their cartoons in the late 80s, allowing for the characters to really pop in front of the settings. I reinforce this by going darker around the edges of each character to separate them from each other. Here I’m using Chartpak markers.

As for the background, I use the Disney technique of outlining the shapes in a darker color. For instance, the yellow-brick road is outlined in brown, followed by a fill of yellow. In this case, I’m using Prismacolor Markers. Learn and enjoy!

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